Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wondering what will become of my old tv

I remember the adaption of analog tv. Seemed you only needed one per household. And you'd buy one every ten years if that. Along came the old projection analog tv. It was kind of a flop but still a number of people adopted them in the 70s. Move along to the 80s we started seeing tiny tis and color tvs, you had to have at least two in your house, maybe three.

Then the HD era came along and it was flat panel city. You needed a flat panel tv for your main tv and a flat panel monitor for your computer. Or maybe two of each. See what I'm getting at? You need more and more just to keep up with the times.

Then all the sudden 720p wasn't good enough. And this was only a year or two later. Next you needed 1080p. Ok I see the difference 1080p really is better. Heck might as well throw in 3D with that, especially if I'm going to be doing any hardcore gaming on my PS4 or XBOX One. No - not me, my kid will demand that I get it. Ha. But there is something fun about playing those race car games in 3D.

But what I'm getting to is the new 4K tvs. Give me a chance to get used to my 1080p tv folks! Knowing me, I'll have to take the plunge, even if that means going cheap. Oh well, can't win em all!

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