Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Apple... what's next??

Should Apple jump on the 4K Ultra HD tv train? Everyone who knows that I work on our church's web site and have worked in IT for two decades know that I'm an Apple guy. No, not a PC guy. Sure, I can use em but if I can help it, I prefer using Macs. I love Mac and everything. I own stock and everything. I have an Apple bumper sticker. I have an iPad, iPhone and iPod. Two of em in fact. The thing I wonder is what's next?

It seems like Apple is ready for some new kind of breakthrough. After all it's been a while. It seems like they are at a good quiet time to bring on a game changer again. They seem to just be following along old patterns and reissuing old devices with very little improvement, though I think that they will eventually come up with something new.

I think the Apple Tower is really neat, but who needs that? The real secret there is that it can power three Ultra HD 4K tv connections at the same time. What is that all about? They don't even make 4K displays. I wouldn't be surprised if they are cooking that up now. I mean retina is the standard now. My new MacBook Pro has a crazy high resolution and it's time that it gets even higher. I mean, even Sony has 4K tvs out now.

My take, Apple is going to announce 4K tvs in a big way!

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