Friday, February 14, 2014

Our New Pope!

Ever since Pope Francis has been elected I can't help but be awed by his graceful way of dealing with the modern world. He represents the change that we've needed in the Catholic world to face the challenges that we face. Whether he is holding up a shirt for Sunderland soccer or an anti-cracking movement, he seems to be very willing to show his support for causes.

The real surprise is that he is willing to tackle some socially liberal issues that were not always associated with our denomination. Environmentalism seems to be something that he is very supportive of, and who can blame him? Global warming has caused all kinds of strange weather this year and something needs to be done to set that trend right.

I think if we just show support for who he is and what he does we can go a long way to making the Catholic Church vital for this Century. Pope Francis you have my blessing!

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